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Acro Paints Ltd

Our ProductsChemicals, Water Proofing, Textured Wall Finishes
DistrictNew Delhi

About Us

Acro brands represent product excellence and customer satisfaction. The products are market leader in their respective fields. The range includes Silicon acrylic emulsions, Acrylic emulsions for interiors and exteriors, Range of Italian Designer Finishes, World Class Textured Wall Finishes, Premium Cement paints, Range of High performance and Specialized coatings, World standard Construction chemicals, Water proofing systems, Concrete additives and admixtures, etc.

Acro Paints aims to provide complete solutions to House owner, Builders, Decorators, Architects, Engineers for their requirements for building protection and maintenance. It has now introduced rapid drying Surfacing polyplasters, Insulation paints, Hygiene Coatings, Stucco finishes, Faux coatings, etc.

The company is operating a technical service division to suggest solutions to specific queries.The company has two most modern production facilities in Bhiwadi (Rajasthan), where range of products are manufactured with state of the art technology. Our driving force is what the name Acro suggests in Greek i.e. The top most..

Our Vision

We aim to meet the demands & challenges of the future on the basis of the strength of our current research & development, explore new advanced technologies and create innovative products according to the current and future requirement of our customers.

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