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Hydro Geosurvey Consultant Pvt Ltd

An ISO 9001:2000 Company

Our ProductsGround Water Investigation, Geological Exploration, Mining & Enviromental Mangement Plants

'Hydro-Geosurvey Consultants Private Limited offers a wide spectrum of services in ground water exploration, assessment conservation, development and management. Geotechnical investigations, mineral exploration and mine planning. Complex studies relevant to ground water pollution through industrial/ toxic waste, recycling of waste water, replenishment of ground water reservoirs through artificial means and reclamation of land, which otherwise has fallen waste resultant to indiscriminate mining, environment impact assessment and application of remote sensing techniques in long terms ground water exploration and management.
HCPL have carried out cited investigations all over the country within a span of 21 years now. Initially, the activities were circumscribed to ground water investigations only under Hydrogeosurvey and mineral investigations through Geosurvey. Later on, the operations were amalgamated in 1988 to form HCPL to cover the cited and many more by ramification of activities.
HCPL is currently fully equipped to undertake topographic surveys, geological and structural mapping, geophysical, hydrogeochemical investigations, core drilling, chemical analysis of water, soils and minerals, soil and mineral investigation and computer software aided resource evaluation.

The Registered Office is in Jodhpur and comprises permanent staff of Executive Directors, Geologists, Geophysicists, Chemists, Surveyors, Drilling Crew and administrative personnel.
HCPL has its Head Office at Ghaziabad and a Branch Offices at Jaipur headed by a Director of the company. All the offices are equipped with computers, geophysical equipment and jeeps.

Facilities include a fully equipped chemical and geo-technical laboratory at Jodhpur where chemical analysis of water, soil, minerals and geo-technical tests are carried out. All field data of geophysical surveys, topographical surveys, geological mapping, core drilling, chemical analysis and mining are evaluated using relevant computer software. There is a supporting library and drawing office as well as a mechanical workshop for core drilling rigs, pumps, tractor trolleys, generating sets and jeeps.

Dr. V.B. Khilnani
S.P. Mehta
Rajneesh V. Khilnani
Dr. Meeta R. Khilnani

Dr. Alok Kumar Saxena
Dr. Satvindar Singh

Associate Consultants
V.K. Bhatnagar
Dr. B.S. Tanwar
P.N. Sharma
A.K. Agarwal
Contact PersonDr Meeta Khilnani
Shastri Nagar
City / VillageJodhpur
Phone No.0291-2431754
Mobile9414100744, 09414130754

Geotechnical Investigations Handling


Geotechnical investigations handling foundation design, material testing and soil testing Remote sensing and GIS applications

Ground water zone mapping
Landuse mapping
Geomorphological studies
Geohydrological mapping

Mineral Investigations Comprising


Core drilling
Reserve estimation
Topographical surveys
Geological mapping
Structural mapping

Comprehensive Hydrogeological Investigations


Comprehensive hydrogeological investigations for exploration assessment conservation comprising geoelectrical resistivity survey & hydrological assessment

Ground water recharge
Rain water harvesting
Ground water modeling
Surface water management
Sea water intrusion studies
Environmental hydrology
Watershed management

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