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About Us

Kiran Mineral Industries is founded by Mr V.K. Sharma. Mr. Vijay Kumar Sharma aged 45 years, is a commerce graduate from Shri Ram College of Commerce, New Delhi. He has been associated with the textile industry for over a decade and is the promoter of Silvertone Synthetics Private Limited, at Bhilwara, a company engaged in the manufacture and marketing of textile fabrics. Under supervision of Mr Vijay Kumar Sharma, Since 2005 KMI india are playing a significant role in providing insulation solutions.


To make industries safe place to work and no workers would cost their lives to make any product. Many heavy industries where the temperature is really very high they must use these kinds of insulations in the industry and this not only saves the life of the workers it also reduces the risk of factory to catch fire. This practice should be made popular so that the workplaces in our country should be safe and secure to work.

Domestic Use

The use of the insulated bricks in homes is also very popular these days. Near chimney or at the exterior of the house wherever the bricks are used it is useful. Houses with insulated bricks have better safety feature and they have better sale value. Wherever the insulated material is used the place becomes more safe.

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