Calcite And Heulandite

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Calcite And Heulandite

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SUPERB CALCITE HEULANDITE SPECIMEN They can be used to decorate and bring beauty to your surrounding weather its guest room, office or a shop.


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Chemical Properties CaCO3 · (Ca,Na)2-3Al3(Al,Si)2Si13O36•12(H2O)
Physical Properties Crystals are most often in cubic-shaped crystals, with distinctive triangular corners. Commonly in perfect, pseudocubic or rectangular crystals, as well as sharply pointed prismatic pyramidal crystals that are usually doubly terminated. Also tabular, blocky, in cubic groups, in platy clusters, druzy, and in stalactitic formations of crystals. An unusual habit is in blocky radiating sprays and rounded groupings resembling disco balls.
General Properties It is beautiful mineral, forming in lustrous, transparent crystals that are well-formed and occasionally very large. Though it is found worldwide in volcanic zeolite environments, the Indian traprock quarries have produced this mineral in all different shapes, sizes, and colors.
Colour Colours : Colorless, white, gray, green, brown. Rarely pink, purple, red, or orange.
Length x Width x Height 7.00 x 4.50 x – cm

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Weight 00.80 kg
Dimensions 7.00 x 4.50 cm


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